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ClientEarth | 2015 | Idioma: Inglés


The purpose of this handbook is to provide individuals, groups and lawyers with a straightforward, easy-to-use guide to EU air quality law. Whether you are a concerned citizen trying to find out what levels of pollution are like in your neighbourhood, an experienced NGO campaigner trying to influence an air quality plan for a heavily polluted city, or a lawyer trying to bring a case concerning air quality, this guide will give an overview of the relevant aspects of EU law, together with some practical tips on how they can be used effectively. This is the second edition of the handbook, which has been updated in light of several developments since the publication of the first edition in May 2014, notably the rulings of the ECJ and UK Supreme Court in the ClientEarth case.
EU law is constantly evolving, so the intention is that the handbook will be updated periodically to reflect further major developments in the field. If you are aware of any such developments, such as a legal action before your national courts, then please get in touch.
The handbook only covers EU law aspects of air quality law. Unfortunately national air pollution laws are beyond its scope. However, before taking legal action you will need to take the advice of a lawyer who is an expert in the relevant national laws and legal procedures. Usually the earlier you can obtain such advice the better.
This publication is part of the project “Clean Air Europe” which is funded by Life+, the EU instrument supporting environmental projects.

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